Welcome to uspnmaoist.org

Hi, my name’s Courtney. Thanks for coming to my site!

I’m dedicated to empowering people to live what they feel to live and to not allow others to label them. I’ve found that labels are harmful to others and ourselves because if we label people, we aren’t open to knowing who they really are.

When I first learned about communism, it scared me that people are sometimes forced to give up their own best interests for the “greater good”. How can the good be great if the individual is unhappy?

My mission is to help people express themselves and protect themselves from being overpowered by forces bigger than themselves.

If you have a voice and a message, or something you want to share with the world, keep coming back to my website as I will be sharing all the best media and self-improvement tips to keep on creating in a world that sometimes wants to drain the creativity out of you.